Attention: Business Owners, Coaches, Speakers, Experts and Course Creators...


How to Master Public Speaking & Command A Room!

Unlock the Secrets to Captivating Audiences and Delivering Impactful Speeches

Attn: Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Experts and Course Creators


How to Master Public Speaking & Command A Room!

Unlock the Secrets to Captivating Audiences and Delivering Impactful Speeches


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From Fearful To A Confident Speaker.

Good communication skills are crucial to success in any field, whether it’s business, politics, or medicine. They help you move up in your career, earn more, and show leadership. Famous leaders like Tony robbins, Warren buffet, and Steve Jobs were all great at communicating. If you want to be seen , heard or get noticed then upgrade this number one skill set on the planet.

Introducing: Lead with Confidence and Charisma

If you feel presenting is daunting, then you are in the right place.

We help you overcome public speaking anxiety with our step-by-step, gradual exposure program in front of a live audience by building confidence and certainty.

Public speaking is a skill you can learn, and with the right guidance, you can excel at it. This event is the beginning of your journey to becoming an excellent speaker and leader.

Being a top leader in any field requires top-notch communication skills. Everyone has their own story and message for the world. This workshop aims to help you discover your unique voice and equip you with the skills to craft and give amazing presentations that can boost your career and make a difference to others.

In just 2 hours, you'll discover how to

Body Language Mastery

Learn to use posture, gestures, and facial expressions to enhance your message and engage your audience.

Vocal Variety Techniques

Discover how to vary your pitch, pace, and volume to keep listeners interested and convey your message effectively.

Audience Analysis for presentation

Understand your audience's needs and preferences to tailor your presentation for maximum impact.

Storytelling for Influence

Harness the power of storytelling to make your presentations memorable and persuasive.

Effective Use of Visual Aids

Integrate slides, videos, and other visual aids effectively to support and elevate your message.

Managing Public Speaking Anxiety

Learn strategies to overcome nervousness and present with confidence, even under pressure.

Persuasive Speaking Strategies

Master the art of persuasion to inspire action and change in your audience.

Structuring Your Presentation

Craft presentations with a clear and compelling beginning, middle, and end for maximum clarity and impact.

Engaging Your Audience:

Techniques for making your presentations interactive and engaging, ensuring your audience stays attentive and invested.

For those who are looking for a transformation.Your Opportunity is Now!

When did you last work on improving your presentation skills? Great leaders stand out because they spend time improving their ability to communicate. Even though we all have ideas to share, many find it hard to express themselves well.

This free, interactive workshop is your chance to look at daily communication in a new way. It gives you everything you need to use communication to boost your career, grow as a leader, and share your message with confidence. Join us to make your voice heard more clearly and compellingly than ever before.

The "Lead with Confidence and Charisma" workshop is designed to unlock your hidden communication skills, helping you conquer your fear of workplace presentations and public speaking. It's about changing how you talk in business and personal settings to make your points clear and impactful. You'll pick up tactics to become more persuasive and build better relationships.

We'll show you how to organize and prepare for any presentation. Plus, you'll get the confidence boost needed to seize every chance, delivering impactful speeches whether it's in a meeting, a boardroom, or on stage.

Select your preferred date and time below to secure your spot.

Public Speaking Domination

120 Mins
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Select Date & Time


find your optimal voice

Adjust your tone to convey different emotions and emphasize key points, making your message more engaging.

master body language

Adopt a confident stance to project authority and confidence, making your presence felt.

Understand Archetype

Embody the character of a motivator who connects deeply with the audience, encouraging them to take action.

Storytelling secrets from experts

Craft stories that resonate on an emotional level, making your message memorable and impactful.

Public speaking is a learned skill, and you can do great things if you just have the right teacher.

Don't miss out on this transformative event! It's your chance to take your communication skills to the next level, whether you want to inspire, lead with confidence, or persuade effectively. By skipping this, you're missing an opportunity to change not just how you speak, but how you're seen in every aspect of your life. Join us, unlock your potential, and start leading with clarity and charisma.

What Clients Say About Us


During my school days, I recall a speech presentation where my heart raced like a horse, a lump formed in my throat, and my body trembled. Public speaking became my nemesis, a fear doubled. Even as I embarked on my career in a multinational corporation, speaking engagements were inevitable. Seeking help, doctors diagnosed me with social anxiety disorder and prescribed medication, but it wasn't a solution. Despite trying numerous courses, my skepticism persisted until I stumbled upon online classes by Sunar. Their fun approach transformed my confidence and banished all speaking anxieties. Now, my heartbeat steadies, and my life is forever changed. Don't hesitate any longer; it worked for me, and it can work for you too.


Hi, I'm a proud student of the Public Speaking Domination Program. Before joining, my presentations were plagued by nervous movements and an unsteady voice, and I lacked strong presentation skills. I struggled with effectively preparing speeches. Joining the program marked a significant turn in my public speaking journey. It equipped me with techniques to overcome these issues, significantly enhancing my speaking and presentation skills. Now, I confidently deliver my thoughts with clarity and impact. My growth through this program is why I highly recommend it to anyone aspiring to become a confident and impactful speaker


I'm passionate about sharing positive experiences, which brings me to Speaking Nation. Eight weeks in, and it's transformed my public speaking, particularly in using pauses and modulating my voice for impact. Coach Segar has been instrumental in this improvement, offering motivation, support, and ensuring I complete my assignments. Whether it's for professional enhancement or impressing friends, Speaking Nation is an excellent choice. The investment is minimal compared to the immense benefits. Segar provides the necessary tools for success in any speaking endeavor. I highly recommend it and look forward to seeing you in class!


Hello everyone! Approaching my seventh week in this program, I can confidently say it's been a game changer. Previously, I struggled with a soft, monotone voice, but now I'm a more confident speaker. Thanks to Edgar's teachings and guidance, I've found my optimal voice level. If you're considering joining to become more confident, less nervous, and to avoid overthinking during presentations, this program is worth trying. Remember, daily effort is key to seeing results and experiencing personal growth. Looking forward to possibly seeing you in the program and sharing this journey of improvement in public speaking.


Working remotely, I faced a decline in social skills and heightened social anxiety, culminating in a panic attack during a company Zoom presentation. Despite knowing the content well, anxiety overwhelmed me. Joining Sagar's course changed this. The regular practice on various aspects like speech rate, volume, and communication styles like educating or motivating has significantly boosted my confidence. It's effectively countered the negative impacts of remote work. I've gained enough confidence that I'm now looking forward to an in-person presentation at a Christmas party, something I couldn't have imagined doing before. Thanks to Sagar for this transformational experience.


Hi, my name is Katie, and I've been part of the Public Speaking Domination course for just over five weeks. The instruction we receive weekly in our virtual meetings is exceptional. Each module has provided me with valuable insights on how to excel in public speaking and effectively communicate with others. If you find networking challenging, struggle with making speeches in front of crowds, or find it difficult to present at work, then this class is definitely for you. It's a great resource for anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills


I've attended two sessions of Sagar's public speaking bootcamp, and the experience has been transformative. Initially, I was nervous, but I quickly learned that the act of doing – simply speaking up – diminishes fear. Sagar's encouragement and reassurance made us all comfortable, prompting me to enroll for nine more sessions. This bootcamp has significantly helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. Now, I can confidently speak in public, like in a crowded lobby, something I wouldn't have dared before. Listening to others in the bootcamp, I realized I'm not alone in this journey. Mastering this skill promises to elevate my business and personal life. Thanks to Sagar, I'm excited for the next class.


Hello everyone! Like many, I had a fear of public speaking and joined the Public Speaking Domination course to conquer it. Four weeks in, which is a third of the way through, I've gained much more comfort and confidence in my speaking abilities. Every week, we focus on different aspects, like volume, and engage in plenty of practice. This makes me feel prepared and assured for the weekly sessions. The supportive cohort and personalized approach of the program are outstanding. My advice? Don't hesitate – start with the free first class and you'll quickly see the immense value of the entire course. Thank you!


Hello everyone! I'm excited to share my experience with the Public Speaking Domination class. A few weeks ago, I dreaded speaking in public, which led me to enroll in this class, hoping for improvement. And indeed, I have learned a lot. I'm not only becoming more comfortable with public speaking, but I'm also enhancing my technique. This program pushes you daily, testing your limits and making you uncomfortable, but importantly, it fosters growth. You'll improve not just in communication but also feel much better about yourself. I hope you'll join and experience this transformation too


I am from Western Australia and here to encourage you to be bold, step over the line, and sign up with Sagar for his Public Speaking Domination course. Everyone has their reasons for joining, and surely, many stories to share. Through Sagar's course, we learn to use our bodies, express ourselves, and project our voices effectively. The essential part is speaking from the heart, sharing your story and experiences. I've learned the importance of bravery, as each of us is unique. Remember, don't be too hard on yourself; there's no such thing as perfection. Just trust in yourself, and your motivation will propel you forward. I'm excited to meet all of you in this journey.


"The problem I had with public speaking was that my anxiety always got the best of me, leading me to avoid it throughout my life. Fast forward to today, I have given several speeches and now feel much more comfortable with public speaking. Sagar provides all the tools and resources you need to succeed as a speaker. It's an amazing investment, and you shouldn't delay, as it will pay dividends in your career if you're like me. I believe there are many courses out there, and now I understand why they didn't work for me. I highly recommend Public Speaking Domination to anyone willing to speak with confidence.

This is more than a program; it's an investment in your future. Sign up today and start your journey to public speaking excellence!

Sagar! You were the first public speaking group I joined and I was prepping for a 250-person best man speech which I did last weekend in Napa Valley. I absolutely crushed it! And honestly, I couldn’t have done it without your help! I gained so much confidence from the exercises you had me do with the group. It really helped me. I would love to continue with you and continue to sharpen my skills. I reviewed the speech video and my filler words were horrendous. I will book another Zoom with you next week and look forward to the challenges you have planned for me.

Thank you so much! I was looking at my first speech videos and the difference is huge, also feel way more confident the course has really helped!. Can't wait till week 12, to see myself as a fully transformed public speaker.

Btw thank you so much for allowing me to participate in the program in such a way that works with my schedule. Listening to the other participants and learning from them is hugely valuable!!! What a wonderful program you’ve created. Thank you Sagar! 🙏

I can't recommend this public speaking program enough. It provided me with practical techniques to overcome my fear of public speaking. Now, I confidently deliver presentations and engage my audience effectively.

If you want to take your public speaking skills to the next level, this program is a must! The practical tips and techniques shared were incredibly valuable. Thanks to this program, I now deliver speeches with confidence and impact.

I used to dread public speaking, but this program transformed my mindset. It provided me with a step-by-step approach to conquer my fear and deliver powerful speeches. Now, I feel unstoppable

I'm so grateful for this program. Sagar helped me overcome public speaking fright and become a confident speaker. The program's practical exercises and expert guidance made all the difference. Now, I excel in delivering impactful speeches

If you want to take your public speaking skills to the next level, this program is a must! The practical tips and techniques shared were incredibly valuable. Thanks to this program, I now deliver speeches with confidence and impact.

I used to dread public speaking, but this program transformed my mindset. It provided me with a step-by-step approach to conquer my fear and deliver powerful speeches. Now, I feel unstoppable

Frequently Asked Question

Do I need prior experience in public speaking to join this event?

Absolutely not! This event is designed for individuals at all levels, from beginners to those looking to refine their skills.

What specific skills will I learn at this workshop?

You'll learn a range of valuable skills including effective body language, storytelling techniques, voice modulation, and strategies to engage your audience and manage anxiety.

How will this event help me in my career?

Mastering public speaking opens up numerous doors, from leadership opportunities to enhanced professional visibility. It's a key skill that can significantly boost your career trajectory.

What makes this public speaking event different from others?

Our workshop is uniquely focused on not just the mechanics of public speaking, but also on building confidence and authenticity. Led by experienced speakers, it's an interactive experience that ensures practical learning and personal growth.

Do I need to have my camera and microphone on during the Zoom event?

Yes, we encourage you to attend the event with your camera and microphone on. This enables you to participate actively in exercises and discussions. It's a great way to take small, yet significant steps towards building your confidence before diving into full-scale presentations. Engaging directly with the workshop activities is key to maximising your learning experience.


Fundamentals of Effective Communication

Audience Engagement and Presentation Mastery

impactful communication in both business and personal context

content of a great presentation and deliver the message with authority.

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